Scrap Book Ideas

Dear Friends,

Scrap book ideas are very cute and nice technique to amaze your friends with latest scrap booking ideas in orkut.All are free to use this site contents for scrapping,same time new scrapping ideas are also welcome.Look for your favourite tricks in scrapping from the navigation bar here.Select one and apply ,and I am sure your friends will be amazed .Dont forget about the free prize which is awaiting you as announced.Just scrapping can earn you nice oppurtunities and prices.So navigate yourself in the main menu and look for new tricks .This site is often updated so book mark it and check this everytime for updates.

Orkut has revelutionised the way of making friends since its exixtence.Finding an old friend,meeting new friends are all quite easily done in orkut.And the scrapping,...!!the latest buzz is people have already left emailing(God saves yahoo) instead start using orkut.

The main reason people use scrapping for mesages is that orkut scrap gives them a feeling that the person that they are sending the scarap are very near to them and feels like speaking directly to them.This is the greatest advantage of orkut over yahoo.Infact yahoo is also trying its best with yahoo 360.But the poppularity of orkut is increasing by hour.

There are other ventures like friends circle and gazzag are also in to the arena but without much succes till date.In gazzag they allow you to import all your orkut friends to their database.whatever gimmicks others do,since Orkut has successfully established their position I think the competitors had to work really hard...reallly really hard.